I am passionate about the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed and strive to consistently achieve the Standard for this breed. My main criteria for the breed is temperament, soundness and type.

I am New Zealands longest serving breeder of RR's & proud to be New Zealands only Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder/Judge. (Championship Hound Group)

Kalmara was established in 1981, with the first of several imports from Australia. I have been very fortunate in that, I have been able to use in my breeding program, quality dogs that others have since imported.

With Temperament and Soundness being the first requirements for Kalmara Rhodesian Ridgebacks, they can be found in many walks of life, including pet/companion, Search & Rescue, obedience/agility, pet therapy as well as the show ring. The first dual titled Rhodesian Ridgeback in New Zealand was CH Kalmara Du Kampfuur CDX owned by Donna Cochrane (who incidentally also owns the only other dual titled RR). Now joined by CH Kalmara Delta Dawn CDX owned by L Gradwell.

Kalmara has produced a good number of Show Champions, of which I am proud, but I also feel that same sense of pride when I hear from pet owners how their Rhodesian Ridgeback is the light of their life.

I am proud of being New Zealand's only RR breeder/ judge (Hound group) and Kalmara dogs are world travellers: you can find Kalmara dogs in Samoa, New Caledonia, Hawaii, Tahiti, Thailand, Australia, USA, Fiji and Germany.

For many years now I've worked closely with Jackaranda, Kabulonga and Sango kennels in an endeavor to keep our Rhodesian Ridgebacks true to type and temperament for we, are only for a short time, the custodians of the breed.


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